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Check the thesis for language errors



The editor is the check service for your thesis and reports. Our goal is to take your thesis to a higher level . We do this by having your thesis fully edited by one of our experienced linguists. This will prevent your thesis from being rejected on the basis of language errors.

All our linguists have gone through a rigorous selection process and have been carefully selected based on excellent language skills, experience with text correction, enthusiasm and punctuality. Check your thesis for language errors? At 24editor you are assured of the best quality.

Use our tool to check your thesis for language errors

Why check your thesis for language errors?

If you spend months writing a thesis , creating tunnel vision at an inevitable moment. After all, you have already read the text so often that language errors are no longer noticeable. A fresh, critical, linguistic perspective offers a solution.

Colleges and universities expect a well-written thesis, while there is less and less supervision. Educational institutions assess theses on the basis of a model based on the description of the European Reference Framework . This assessment form contains all language requirements that a thesis must meet.

Our linguists will check your thesis based on these requirements before the examiner does this. Do you doubt the quality of your thesis? Have your thesis checked for language errors and increase your chance of success.

Check the thesis for language errors

When does a thesis meet the required language level?

A starting student must have the language level C1 . At level C1 – which only controls 10% of the population – someone can write well-structured texts on complex topics, in which relevant positions are elaborated and supported with additional points, reasons and examples. Finally, someone must be able to conclude with an appropriate conclusion. This is a letter description of the language level. A comprehensive overview of the requirements can be found here .

Check the thesis for language errors

Our linguistic experts not only check your thesis for spelling and grammar, but also for sentence construction, style, formulation, punctuation and structure. A well-structured text is pleasantly legible. But often students do not know exactly what structure means . Structure is created by signal words that connect sentences and paragraphs, creating a logical structure.

With a word rate from € 0.0075, 24 editor is the most cost-effective review service in the Netherlands. Compare it yourself and calculate the costs for your thesis with this handy tool .

Check the thesis for language errors and structure

With 24editor you have your thesis not only checked for language errors, but also for structure . At an additional cost of € 0.004 per word, our linguist checks and corrects the overall structure or your thesis.

Check the thesis on APA source

Students often find it difficult to correctly apply the source reference and reference in accordance with the APA guidelines. That’s why it’s also possible to have your thesis checked for € 49.95 at APA.

Our inspection service is exempt from VAT.


7 days 3 days 24 hours
Check language € 0.0075 € 0.0105 € 0.0135
Check language + structure € 0.0115 € 0.0145 € 0.0175
APA check From € 49.95



Your reviewed thesis will be provided with targeted feedback to improve the content and writing skills. The linguist will point out common mistakes and advise you how to avoid them in the future.


Upload process

Upload your document and go through 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Upload your document. Remove any pages that do not need to be checked and select the checkout period.

Step 2: Enter your contact details or create an account . With an account you can activate discount codes.

Step 3: Select the desired payment method and pay securely. We use a starting rate of € 10 for each assignment.


Finally: why choose 24editor?

Expert, affordable and reliable. These are some of the core values ​​that describe the editor. At 24editor you have your thesis checked safely and inexpensively by a linguistic expert. All our linguists have signed a confidentiality agreement. We have a strict privacy policy. Your information is never shared with other parties.


If you have a question, please email us at info@24editor.com or call 020 – 890 0 23 1