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Scriptie controleren op spelling

Check your thesis for spelling

Prevent your college or university from returning your thesis on the basis of incorrect spelling. At 24editor you have your thesis checked for spelling , grammar, sentence structure and punctuation, from € 0.0075 per word.

Check your thesis for spelling

The difference between a spelling mistake and typo

Spelling errors are not the same as typos . Typing errors are caused by fast typing on a laptop, for example, which sometimes makes you forget or arrange letters incorrectly. Also screen blindness can cause a misspelling. Fortunately, many word processing programs are able to automatically correct typing errors. You can also make spelling mistakes with the pen on paper. This includes d / t errors, among other things.

Spelling errors cannot be automatically corrected by, for example, Word, because the program cannot read the context. “She does not answer my question,” Word will not automatically correct to “answers.”

Check your thesis for spelling ? It is therefore best to use an editor for this.


Top 5 most common spelling mistakes:

1. D / T errors: She is called every day by her work.
2. You / your: Is your administration kept up to date?
3. Separate / together: You can select a meal in advance.
4. Enlarged / enlarged: The enlarged photo has good quality.
5. Connection: The maintenance costs of the boat are not reimbursed.
Do you want to prevent you from being caught spelling mistakes? Have your thesis checked for spelling .

Who or what is an editor?

An editor is a person who has excellent command of the Dutch language, who reads your thesis carefully and corrects language errors. On our website you will find a page where you can get to know our editors. Because Word cannot detect spelling and / or grammar errors, a fresh but critical look often offers a solution.

How does an editor work?

After you have uploaded your thesis on our website and have chosen the review period, it will be forwarded to one of our editors. The editor will then check your thesis for spelling , grammar, sentence structure, structure, punctuation and typing errors. Basically everything that a teacher also watches. Our editors know which language-technical requirements your thesis must meet. Through the ‘keep track of changes’ functionin Word all errors are corrected and, moreover, kept up to date so that you can see exactly what the editor has changed in your thesis. Finally, the editor will provide personal feedback on your language and writing skills. The purpose of this feedback is to teach you which language mistakes you make the most and how you can avoid them in the future.

So, do you want spelling mistakes to be one less worry? Let our editors do the work for you , have your thesis checked for spelling . This is possible from € 0.0075 per word.