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13 days ago

De feedback die wordt meegestuurd is…

De feedback die wordt meegestuurd is erg leerzaam.


56 days ago

24editor heeft me uit brand geholpen

24editor heeft me uit brand geholpen. Door omstandigheden had ik nog één dag om mijn scriptie in te leveren en het was nog niet gecorrigeerd op taalfouten. 24editor heeft binnen 24 uur hele document aandachtig doorgenomen en zowel taalkundig als structureel gecorrigeerd. Ik heb 3 bestanden ontvangen...

Hoekstra, A

58 days ago

Goede kwaliteit

Super fijn dat dit kan, goede service en kwaliteit!

Review FAQ’s

  • What does reviewing mean?

    When reviewing, the editor will read the entire text while checking for spelling, grammar, structure, style, syntax and punctuation. Choppy sentences and inconsistencies are corrected to improve the readability of the text. During the upload process, you can specify what the editor should pay extra attention to when reviewing your document.

  • How is my document reviewed and delivered?

    The document is reviewed in Word, using the 'Track changes' functionality. You will receive two versions of the reviewed document. In the first version you will see what the editor has changed and you can choose which changes to accept. In the second version, all changes have already been accepted.

  • I am a student, which documents can I have reviewed?

    We review all study-related documents, including theses, internship reports, essays, assignments, evaluation reports, portfolios, etc.

  • I am an applicant, which documents can I have reviewed?

    For applicants, we review résumés and cover letters. If you want to have both your résumé and cover letter reviewed, please combine them in one Word file to avoid a duplication of the costs.

  • I am a business, which documents can I have reviewed?

    We review all business-related documents, including websites, newsletters, press releases, annual reports, manuscripts, etc.

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