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  • What is 24editor?

    24editor is more than a review service for just students. We offer language assistance for each stage you are in: from student to applicant to business. Because we would like to remain accessible to everyone, 24editor provides high quality work at afforable rates. We edit theses and other study-related documents for students and translate, among others, executive summaries. If you are an applicant, then you can let us perfect your résumé and cover letter in order to increase your chances for an interview. Companies also don't need to turn to expensive review and translation agencies. We edit and translate websites, newsletters, manuscript and much more. sollicitant, dan kun je jouw cv en sollicitatiebrief door ons laten perfectioneren om jouw kans op een gesprek te vergroten. Ook bedrijven hoeven niet meer aan te kloppen bij dure nakijk- en vertaalbureaus. Wij redigeren en vertalen websites, nieuwsbrieven, manuscripten en veel meer.

  • Do you also work in the weekend?

    We work every day of the week, including the weekend. So if you are uploading your document on Thursday evening and you want to receive it within 3 days, we will mail it back no later than Sunday evening.

  • What is the benefit of an account with 24editor?

    By creating a personal account, you do not need to fill in your details again the next time when you upload a document. With an account, your order history is also automatically kept track of and you can check per service which documents you have uploaded. Finally, with an account you can activate discount codes.

  • My question is not listed here; how can I ask my question?

    You can do this through info@24editor.com.


  • What file formats can I upload?

    The document needs to be a .doc/.docx document.

  • My document contains pages that do not require editing, can I deselect these?

    Yes, during step 1 of the upload process, you will see an overview of all pages. By using the x you can easily deselect pages, the number of words will automatically decrease.

  • Can I upload documents at night?

    From 8 in the morning to 12 at night, we will forward the documents to the editors. Please note, however: if you are uploading a document after midnight that you want to receive back in 24 hours, the time period will start at 8 in the morning. For example: you upload a document that you want to receive back in 24 hours on May 2nd, 2 AM, then we will mail the document back to you no later than May 3rd, 8 AM.

  • I have just uploaded a document, but I forgot to add a section. What do I do now?

    As long as the upload process has not yet finished, you can still add or remove sections.


  • What does reviewing mean?

    When reviewing, the editor will read the entire text while checking for spelling, grammar, structure, style, syntax and punctuation. Choppy sentences and inconsistencies are corrected to improve the readability of the text. During the upload process, you can specify what the editor should pay extra attention to when reviewing your document.

  • How is my document reviewed and delivered?

    The document is reviewed in Word, using the 'Track changes' functionality. You will receive two versions of the reviewed document. In the first version you will see what the editor has changed and you can choose which changes to accept. In the second version, all changes have already been accepted.

  • I am a student, which documents can I have reviewed?

    We review all study-related documents, including theses, internship reports, essays, assignments, evaluation reports, portfolios, etc.

  • I am an applicant, which documents can I have reviewed?

    For applicants, we review résumés and cover letters. If you want to have both your résumé and cover letter reviewed, please combine them in one Word file to avoid a duplication of the costs.

  • I am a business, which documents can I have reviewed?

    We review all business-related documents, including websites, newsletters, press releases, annual reports, manuscripts, etc.


  • Wat is de APA-stijl?

    De APA-stijl is ontwikkeld door de American Psychological Association (APA), een organisatie voor academici. Dit is een stijl voor het schrijven van scripties en het vermelden van bronnen. Vanwege haar duidelijke richtlijnen, hanteren veel Nederlandse onderwijsinstellingen de APA-stijl.


  • What languages can I select?

    We currently translate from and to Dutch, English and German.

  • What documents can I have translated?

    We carry out translations for each type of document, for all audiences. This can be an executive summary, as well as a résumé, cover letter, website, marketing or advertising text.

  • I want to have both my résumé and cover letter translated, is this possible?

    For translations, you can upload one document at a time. Please upload your résumé first and complete the process. Then upload your cover letter and complete the process.


  • What documents can I have rewritten?

    The rewrite service is intended for applicants. We rewrite cover letters.

  • How does this work?

    Add your résumé, cover letter and job description in one Word file, complete the upload process. After the editor has oriented on your résumé and job description, the editor will rewrite and perfect the cover letter.

  • What can I expect?

    The editor will pay attention to the following: formatting, layout, salutation, introduction, general first impression, persuasiveness, language errors, active language use and they will adapt the language use for the industry.


  • Who will edit my document?

    All editors of 24editor have years of experience in reviewing, editing, rewriting and translating texts. Our editors work quickly, are involved and reliable with tight deadlines. View the team page for an overview of all editors.

  • Can I cancel a submission?

    Because we often have to deal with tight deadlines, we immediately forward submissions to the editor. Therefore, submissions can be cancelled within fifteen minutes. Expenses already incurred will be charged. This includes: the starting fee + the number of words the editor has already worked on thus far.
    Cancelling can be done through info@24editor.com.


  • How can I pay?

    We offer the following payment methods: iDeal, PayPal, Credit Card, Bancontact/Mister Cash and SOFORT Banking.

  • Are the prices including VAT?

    All prices for students are exempt from VAT. Prices for applicants and companies are including VAT.


  • With whom is the contents of my document shared?

    Only 24editor and the respective editor will have access to the contents of your document. Please see our Privacy Policy.

  • Is an obligation of confidentiality applicable?

    An obligation of confidentiality applies to every submission we receive and every order we carry out. All of our editors have signed a confidentiality agreement. Please see our Terms and Conditions.