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explanation Rewrite

Let's explain how reviewing works in three easy steps.



Upload your cover letter, résumé and the job description in one Word document. Select the desired deadline and complete the upload process. The document is immediately forwarded to one of our editors.


The editor gets to work on your document

After the editor has oriented on the job description and your résumé, they will rewrite the cover letter and highlight key points. Of course the editor will check the spelling, grammar, structure, style and syntax.


You will receive the rewritten cover letter within the given time frame

You will receive 2 versions of your cover letter. In the 1st version, you will see what the editor has changed and you can choose which changes to accept. In the 2nd version, all changes have already been accepted.

Rewrite FAQ’s

  • What documents can I have rewritten?

    The rewrite service is intended for applicants. We rewrite cover letters.

  • How does this work?

    Add your résumé, cover letter and job description in one Word file, complete the upload process. After the editor has oriented on your résumé and job description, the editor will rewrite and perfect the cover letter.

  • What can I expect?

    The editor will pay attention to the following: formatting, layout, salutation, introduction, general first impression, persuasiveness, language errors, active language use and they will adapt the language use for the industry.