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APA Check explained

Let's explain how proofreading works in three easy steps.

Scriptie uploaden voor document laten nakijken

Upload your document

Upload your thesis or essay, choose the preferred deadline and indicate how many references are displayed in the reference list and the price and delivery date will appear. Enter your contact details and complete the payment.


We will get started

All in-text references and the bibliography will be corrected according to the latest edition of the APA manual. The content of every source displayed in the bibliography will be checked extensively. Last but not least, the bibliography will be alphabetized.


Check your mail

You will receive two versions of the proofread text via e-mail. In version 1 you can see the changes we made and you can determine yourself which changes you want to accept. In version 2 all changes have already been accepted.

More information & Examples


With this check we not only correct all typing and spelling errors, but also all grammatical errors, style errors, inconsistencies, incorrect sentence structure and punctuation.

Furthermore, we not only check if we can improve the use of academic language in your thesis or essay, but als pay attention to subjective or vague formulations, verb tenses, numbers, abbreviations and more. Check our review model for complete overview.

The changes in the text are made by ‘track changes‘ in Word, so that you can see exactly what has been changed. Moreover, you can decide yourself which changes you want to implement.

Example proofread



We delve deeper into the text and see if your thesis or essay meets the assessment criteria. We check the following points:

  • Completeness: does each thesis component meet the criteria and is this correctly stated?
  • Clarity: is the theory used relevant? Has the conclusion been drawn based on the results?
  • Unnecessary repetitions: do you repeat information can aspects be written down more concisely?
  • Structure: is the structure of the research correctly and is there a logical connection between the paragraphs?

You receive this check in the form of feedback in the margin of the document, with useful tips and valuable suggestions for substantive improvements.

View our review model for a complete overview for the points we check on.

Example Structure-check



With the APA-check we check all in-text references and the bibliography will be corrected according to the latest edition of the APA manual. All changes will be implemented immediately.

Furthermore, we check the content of every source displayed in the bibliography extensively, alphabetize the bibliography and we point out sources that mentioned in the text, but are not displayed in the reference list (and vice versa).

We check both the Dutch and the English APA rules. View our rates page for an overview of the prices or calculate the price with our calculator.

Example APA-check



In het feedbackformulier leggen we uit welke fouten zijn gecorrigeerd en vooral waarom. Op deze manier helpen we je jouw schrijfvaardigheid te verbeteren. Ook lees je hier welke (inhoudelijke) onderdelen in je scriptie nog extra aandacht verdienen.

Voorbeelddocument feedbackformulier

APA Check FAQ’s

  • Wat is de APA-stijl?

    De APA-stijl is ontwikkeld door de American Psychological Association (APA), een organisatie voor academici. Dit is een stijl voor het schrijven van scripties en het vermelden van bronnen. Vanwege haar duidelijke richtlijnen, hanteren veel Nederlandse onderwijsinstellingen de APA-stijl.