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I really love reading; books, magazines, manuals, everything that has to do with language excites me. My bilingual upbringing has made me interested in language.


As a master of Sociology graduate, I know very well what people expect when it comes to writing various types of texts. I get great satisfaction from the work that I do because I love helping other people.


My experience was gained by supervising students in writing their (doctoral) thesis. I have also worked as a science officer for years and I have written many journalistic articles about science.


If you write texts yourself, you know how hard it is to have spent a long time working on something and having removed all mistakes from your work. In fact, it’s impossible. And that’s why I am here. To hopefully make you smile again when you think about your text.


I have edited more than 100 theses and other education-related documents. I see a thesis as the crowning glory of an education. It would be a waste if that ‘glory’ were to be taken away or delayed by language and spelling errors.


I have a thing for language. Whether it’s a personal story or an essay, assignment or project plan, it has to be well put together. My fingers start itching when I find wacky sentences, unnecessary commas and space inflation and I am more than ready to do something about it!


I like working as an editor because you always learn something new from the texts that you read. Students are often under high pressure when it comes to language and writing skills. When students have a problem with this, it’s great to be able to lend a helping hand.


I have always been fascinated by the English language. I have studied and worked for several months at the Glasgow Caledonian University (Scotland) and the University of Exeter (England), where I will soon begin my PhD program.


To be fully effective, the text you write has to be a hundred percent right! I am able to perfection any text. Every time it fascinates me to see the true meaning of a text become clearer as I improve it. A rewarding process!


Because of my experience in proofreading and the master’s degree in editing I’ve acquired, I’m able to offer a helping hand with editing and correcting different types of documents, and make people feel satisfied, happy and confident about what they’ve written. Nothing makes me feel more fulfilled or happy!